Orchestrina Armonia

The Orchestrina consists of ten musicians and each of them contributes their individual vision to the musical performance.

This unique ensemble combines symphonic musical instruments like the flute, clarinet, violin, cello, contrabass and percussion as well as Russian folk instruments - balalaika, domra, domra alto, bayan.

The idea of creating this team belongs to Alexander Chernobaev. The group of musicians is brought together by the unconventional vision of their profession and a constant search for new possibilities that makes the ensemble capable for mastering different genres and styles of musical performance.

Unusual instrumental composition provokes the process of creation - members of the ensemble Alexander Chernobaev and Sergey Volnukhin prepare interpretations for musical compositions by themselves.

Each musician of the team tends to depart from the stereotypes and usual roles in their musical performance.

That is the place of birth for new interpretations and associations. Constant search substantiates in realization here.


Alexander Chernobaev Art director
Inna Kharybina flute
Dmitry Makhovikov clarinet
Yulia Gomerova domra
Liubov Mikhailova alto domra
Sergey Volnukhin balalaika
Viktor Dukaltetenko bayan
Liudmila Kabashko violin
Sofia Maltseva cello
Kirill Grigoriev contrabass
Alexander Chernobaev percussion


Programme 1

'Russian classic'

P. Tchaikovsky 'Skomorokh dance' from 'Snow Maiden' 'Russian dance' from 'Swan lake' 'Flower dance' from 'Nutcracker' 'Trepak' from 'Nutcracker'
A. Glazunov 'Intermission' from 'Raymonda'
A. Arensky Fugue to Russian theme 'The Sweep'
M. Mussorgsky 'Gopak' from 'Sorochinskij fair' 'The pictures from exhibition'
N. Rimsky-Korsakov 'Three Miracles', 'Bumblebee flight' from 'The fairy tale about Tzar Saltan'
M. Glinka 'Sky lark' 'Russlan and Liudmila' Overture
S. Rakhmaninov 'Vocalize' 'Italian Polka'

Programme 2

'From Stravinsky to Lutoslavsky'

I. Stravinsky 'Russian dance' from 'Petrushka'D. Shostakovich Barrel organ Polka, Waltz, Gallop Romance from 'Gadfly'
Suite from the music to A. Pushkin fairy tale 'The story about Priest and his worker Dolt'
A. Radvilovich 'Five russian songs'
V. Lutoslavsky 'Folk tunes'

Programme 3

'Indeed light music'

G. Diniku 'Sky Lark', 'Hora staccato'
P. Frossini 'The Concert Spanish Dance'
I. Rogalev 'My granny's cuckoo clock'
S. Nejmark 'Jewish Wedding', rhapsody to folk themes
I. Strauss 'Anna-Polka', 'Tritch-tratch' polka, 'Hunting polka'
Waltz 'On the beautiful blue Danube', 'Viennese forest tales'

Programme 4

'Valenki, valenki: not only'

'The Kamarinskaya'
'The moon is shining'
'Oh, my little Kalinushka tree'
'The Urals dance'
'Play, my bagpipe'
And so on:

Programme 5

'Vocalize' (Russian songs & roman—Āes)
Soloists: Julia Simonova (soprano) Olga Senderskaya (soprano) Vladimir Alexandrovich (bass)

S. Rackhmaninov
P. Tchaikovsky
M. Glinka
Russian songs


Stravinsky. 'Russian dance'

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Shostakovich. 'Gallop'

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